Bossolasco, ‘La perla delle Langhe’ is a lively village. A village where people value the exterior of their houses. A village you want to get to know better.

Village of the roses

The city centre is a breeding ground for combinations of brightly coloured houses and historical buildings with roses growing everywhere all over the facades of the houses. Bossolasco is also known as ‘Il Paese delle Rose’ (the village of the roses). In the summer, the village is decorated with colourful flowers. Everything in the centre is beautifully restored and well maintained. With little over 700 inhabitants, Bossolasco breathes the authentic Italian mentality.


The village has two tiny supermarkets, a Farmacia, a Tabaccheria and a post office with Bancomat.  Please, don’t miss out on the famous Pasticceria Truffa, the shop of patissier Eugenio Truffa. Every Sunday, there’s a long queue of people waiting to buy the most delicious Italian pastries and chocolates. The pastry chef uses ancient methods and classic materials for his products. He creates so many classical and original flavours that it’s almost impossible for you to choose from! Little shop Da Laura sells anything from clothes, shoes, perfume to toys and stationary.


We’ll share a few suggestions. The completely renovated chemist’s La Drogheria di Langa is now a restaurant with a little shop and they serve typical Piedmont specialities and sell various kinds of jam, wine, olive oil and much more. Our guest’s favorite restaurant! Just a few steps away from Casa del Tulipano. At night, you can relax with a fancy cocktail. At hotel ristorante Bellavista, you can eat delicious food. In Albergo Ristorante Alta Langhe, you can have your lunch outdoors underneath bunches of grapes or have a lovely dinner at night. Craving pizza? You can find the most delicious pizza at Pizzeria Max, next to the public pool. The smaller Osteria Enoteca Del Camino radiates an air of coziness where you can enjoy your dinner indoor or outdoors in their lovely little garden. Restaurant Al Biancospino, the best place to try the Piemontese specialities, just 50 meters from Casa del Tulipano. All restaurants in Bossolasco are only a short walk away from Casa del Tulipano.


Bossolasco may be a tiny village, but they sure know how to make life just a little more fun. They organise festivals, concerts and other events such as ‘Formaggi Sotto Le Stelle’, which means ‘Cheese underneath the stars’. A night where you can taste various kinds of cheese. Or, what about Castagnata? The feast of chestnuts? In the summer there is even a street food festival. And there are many more events in Bossolasco.