Activities nearby Bossolasco and The Langhe

Besides the gorgeous hillsides of The Langhe, this region offers a multitude of activities. This is a beautiful region for the tourist looking for culture as well as for the sporty tourist.


Bossolasco and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of good golf courses. You can hit a few balls in the most beautiful landscapes. The Turin golf course has no less than 36 holes, where you can spend all day if you want. But there are many more golf courses in the area, for example in Cherasco, only 30 kilometers from Bossolasco. Truly wonderful courses, usually without too many other golfers. Read more these golf courses here.

Hiking and cycling

Whether you are going hiking or take the bike, the region of the langhe and roero is the ideal environment for lovers of hiking or riding a bike. There are many of trails that wind through the villages and between vineyards. In Alba, about 20 kilometres from Bossolasco, you can rent sports bikes and Novello even has e-bikes for rent.We have good contacts with a bicycle rental company with delivery and pick-up service.

Truffle hunt

You can go for an exiting truffle hunt in the woods round Bossolasco with Maurizio, a real Trifulau (Truffle Hunter) and his dog. Read more about it! truffle hunting langhe


Piedmont, Aosta and Liguria have magnificent roads through the hills and mountains whose winding tracks are an excellent playground for motorcyclists. Casa del Tulipano welcomes motorcyclists and has a covered garage where guests can store their motorbikes. Find the most beautiful motorcycle routes in Piedmont.

Tennis and swimming

Bossolasco has a public tennis court and swimming pool. The public pool is located near Pizzeria Max, walking distance from Casa del Tulipano. The public swimming pool at Pizzeria Max is accessible for wheelchair users.


You name it and the Italians know how to celebrate it. We love it! Not far from the apartment, there are cheese and wine festivals, truffle festivals, vegetable festivals, a chestnut festival, the annual Montforte d’Alba jazz festival ‘MonfortinJazz’ and many, many other interesting cultural activities.

Slow food

A definitive highlight is the slow food movement of The Langhe. The name says it all, it’s the opposite of fast food. You can recognise it by a logo of a snail on the door: if you’re in a hurry, you best go elsewhere. All meals are prepared on the spot, nothing is made in advance. You can taste it, trust us… It’s worth the wait. Don’t have time for an extended lunch? A visit to Eataly in Turin, a supermarket, deli and restaurant in one.

Wine tastings

Those who love wine cannot go home without visiting one of the many wine bars that are scattered throughout the region. Get in the car, on your bike or walk through the vineyards. Drive through the gorgeous surroundings and see the vines shining in the sun. Many of the wine bars welcome guests that want to enjoy a ‘degustazione’, or a wine tasting. Salute!